Yn Guilley Beg Creeney

Ta guilley beg ny hoie lesh eddin ny treihys,
Nee dooghid y doilleeid ta prowl e vieys?
“No good this” as eshyn, “this dying cultural stain,
“Its will to continue fuels my disdain!”
Rere nyn scoillag ta nyn vocklyn geddyn baase,
Dy baghtal dasyn t’ad er choayl nyn anaase.
Dooyrt eshyn “There’s no-one who wants to learn,
Thus I reject any wish to want to learn in turn.”
Ec nuy bleeaney d’eash, yn eash shen cho mooar,
T’eh slane noi nyn jengey lesh feoh dy liooar.
Agh cre ass haink e smooinaghtyn dy credjalagh creeney?
Dy jeeragh voish beeal ta ny shinney na nuy bleeaney.
O she, shen eh, she e phaarantyn ta loayrt rooin,
Hene-cooilleeney nyn vadeyraght dooin.